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Spring 2009 Newsletter

Since I'm a photographer and not a writer, a lot has happened since I penned the last newsletter.

At the top of the list is the completion of my Scotland Platinum Portfolio. The portfolio is in an edition of ten, includes ten 4x5 platinum prints from my 2004 & 2006 trips to Scotland and is priced at a very reasonable $2,000. Half the edition has been sold already, so contact me soon if you are interested as they won't last long at this price.

There have been two trips to Maui which I find a great place to photograph. I am considering holding a workshop there in 2010, so let me know if you might be interested in attending.

In January I made a great trip flying to Atlanta and driving back along the Gulf coast with Matt Hojnacki that resulted in lots of new photographs for me including some great platinum prints.

There have been a couple trips to Santa Fe to visit Erica Weston which is always a great treat. I always get lots of new work out of the trip and visiting the photo galleries in Santa Fe is a must. I usually stop by Bostick & Sullivan to say hello and pick up more platinum supplies.

In mid April I taught a workshop with Kim Weston at Wildcat. Its always great to spend time in Carmel at Edward's humble home and see Kim, Gina, and Zach. Included in the workshop was a visit to Reed Farrington's where he gave a painting demonstration. Reed is a great painter and his new work was great.

After the workshop I drove up the West Coast with Matt Hojnacki photographing in Northern California, Oregon and Washington. After Matt flew back home to Atlanta I spent a few days with my sister Lisa, and then photographed my way home. The trip resulted in 200+ new negatives which are developed and being printed as this is written.

As always, please visit me if you get to Phoenix. Bring some of your photographs and let me see them, and you can see some of my new work too. Remember that I give private tutorials tailored to your needs, both in the field with the camera and in the darkroom.

Enjoy life and keep photographing,




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