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Fall 2007 Newsletter

It was a busy summer and fall, and winter looks even busier!

I'm just back from the LA area where I had a chance to do a lot of work with my Rollie SL-66. This camera (one of Brett Weston's favorites) provides me a great change of pace from working with the larger Arca-Swiss 8x10 camera. The Rollie is like a little view camera with its bellows and front tilt.

I got the chance to see the Edward Weston show at the Getty and hear Kim speak about his grandfather and his own photography. It is definitely a show to see (about 160 prints) and while there you should pick up the fine new Getty book: "Edward Weston's Book of Nudes". The book is based on the mock- up for a book Nancy Newhall was putting together while Edward was alive. Our friend Brett Abbott did a fine job editing the book.

I also attended the Three Generations Of Weston show at Freestyle Photographic in Hollywood. I'm a member of the Freestyle Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals and it was nice to visit their store and gallery and see how seriously they take their commitment to film photography. They even carry 11x14 sheet film in stock that I have been using for my Alternative Process printing. The whole staff there is very friendly and knowledgeable.

In late July at Photo Arts Santa Fe, I shared a booth with Kim and Gina Weston and attended APIS 2007 (Alternative Photographic International Symposium) presented by the good people at Bostick & Sullivan. This event happens every two years, so plan to attend the event in 2009 because its a lot of fun.

Kim spoke at the Symposium and also introduced his large Painted Photographs which are just great and were very well received in Santa Fe. Check them out on his website www.Kim along with his other great work. I showed my 8x10 POP prints that also got a lot of attention.

A speaker at APIS was Rondal Partridge (son of Imogen Cunningham) and at age 90 a vibrant gentleman with incredible stories from his 70 years in photography, along with a fine body of photographs that everyone should see. Look for the book "Quizzical Eye, The Photography of Rondal Partridge" to see his work. Photo Eye in Santa Fe has it available. I had the pleasure of introducing Erica Weston (Brett's daughter) to Rondal during the festivities.

Most of the summer I've worked with the 8x10 Arca-Swiss camera making POP Contact Prints. I love the POP (print out paper) paper and the process of trying to make full tonal prints in the manner of Edward Weston, who once reflected that his only limitation was the edge of his ground glass. For the next couple of months or so I will be working with an 11x14 camera and making POP contact prints from that format. Our friends at Bostick & Sullivan sell the POP paper and toning kits necessary along with any other materials for your alternative process needs.

I have added a one day of "Introduction to POP" instruction to my Tutorials. POP along with the Fine Silver Printing and Platinum Printing hourly tutorials are always available. I also teach 5-7 Day Private Tutorials where we will work with the camera to expose the proper negatives, develop the negatives, and then make the final prints. You will learn a lot in this short, intense period of time of both field and darkroom work and you will go home with some finished prints. When the cold weather hits your area of the country, you might want to schedule one of these tutorials here in Phoenix because Arizona is very beautiful and accessible in the fall and winter months.

On November 4-6 I co-taught an Arca-Swiss Workshop with Rod Klukas (Arizona's Photographic Guru!) in the wonderful Wickenburg, Arizona area. We had a great group of people attend the workshop. This is a great workshop to get comfortable with your view camera, make some great photos, and have some fun, so watch my website for details on the next one in March 2008.

My Scotland Platinum Portfolio is now available and is limited to an edition of 10 portfolios. It contains Ten 4x5 Platinum Prints and is priced at $2,000 per portfolio. Let me know if you are interested as this small edition will sell out quickly.

I also have a selection of used equipment for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in any used equipment.

As always, please let me know if you are ever in the Phoenix area and want to visit, look at prints, or go photographing.




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